Casino Hold'em Live


Casino Hold'em is a variant of the popular Texas Hold'em poker. Casino Hold'em differs from Texas Hold'em in that it is played against the house rather than against other players.
An unlimited number of players can play simultaneously at one Casino Hold'em table. Each player can take only one seat by the table.
The aim of Casino Hold'em is to beat the dealer's hand by getting the best possible five-card hand, made out of the two cards dealt to the player and five community cards.
To add to the excitement, you can also place a Bonus bet that pays out if a pair of Aces or higher is dealt in the first five cards.


Casino Hold'em is played with one standard 52 card deck (Jokers are excluded). Only one game is played with one deck of cards, and cards are shuffled after each game round.
To play the game you place a bet on the Ante bet (initial bet). Optionally you can also place a Bonus bet.
The dealer deals out two cards face up to you and two cards face down to the dealer. Three community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. These three community cards are common for you and the dealer for making up the hand.
After dealing the initial cards you can see the name of your combination displayed on the screen.
Now you have to estimate your chances of winning and to decide whether to make a Call bet and continue playing, or Fold and lose all bets made.
If you have a winning Bonus bet, you will receive a message "CALL to collect your BONUS win!" beneath the CALL/ FOLD decision pop-up window. You have to CALL to receive your Bonus bet payout.
By clicking CALL you will continue to play the game and place the Call bet, which is always double the Ante bet. The Call bet will be placed automatically on the Call bet spot.
By clicking FOLD you will lose all bets placed – the Ante and the Bonus bet. When you Fold, you will still see the remainder of the game played out, but you will not participate in the game. You will need to wait until next game round to place your bets.
If decision time is over and you have not made CALL or FOLD decision, your hand will be automatically folded and you will lose all your bets. The traffic lights game information indicator will display the message AUTO FOLDED.
When decision time is finished, the dealer will deal two more community cards (called "Turn" and "River") and will also turn the dealer's initial two cards face up.
To find a winner, the best paying hands are formed and compared for you and for the dealer, using five out of seven available cards.


The dealer must have a pair of 4s or higher to qualify.
You win if the dealer doesn't qualify. The Ante bet is paid out according to the payout table, but the Call bet is returned to you.
You win if the dealer's hand qualifies and dealer's hand is lower than yours. The Ante bet is paid out according to the payout table and the Call bet pays 1:1.
You lose if the dealer's hand qualifies and dealer's hand is higher than yours. You lose both your Ante bet and your Call bet.
It is a Push when you and the dealer have exactly the same hand. A Push means nobody wins or loses. You get back your Ante bet and Call bet.
If you and the dealer have hands of the same type, the one that includes the card of highest value wins (e.g. three Kings beats three Queens; a flush of Q, J, 10, 9, 8 beats a flush of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6).
When you and the dealer tie, the next highest card that is not part of the paying hand, known as the ‘Kicker’, determines the winner.
Malfunction voids all pays and play.


To participate in the game, you must have sufficient funds to cover the Ante bet and the Call bet, which is always double the Ante bet. You will receive a message when you reach the Ante bet amount that still allows you to place the Call bet.
You can see your current BALANCE on your screen.
The TRAFFIC LIGHTS game information indicator will inform you of the game status: when you can bet, when you should make decision to call or fold, how much you have won, etc.
At the top of this display are three lights: Green, Yellow and Red. The GREEN light informs you when you can bet and make a CALL/ FOLD decision, YELLOW when the betting time or decision time is nearly over and RED when the betting time or decision time has finished.
Place an initial bet, known as the Ante bet, using betting chips from the game toolbar.
Left click your mouse on the chip amount you would like to bet and then click on the Ante bet spot on the gaming table. Each time you click that bet spot another chip will be added to the bet. You can also select a chip with a different value to reach the desired bet amount.
Only chip values that are usable (i.e. available within your balance) are enabled.
When you have reached the stake you wish to bet, you do not need to do anything else, the bets will be automatically sent when the RED light is lit i.e. bets are closed.
Your total bet in the current game is shown in the Total Bet window, which is displayed on the bottom left of the game, next to the Balance indicator.
The Undo button allows you to remove the last bet placed.
By repeatedly clicking the Undo button, it will remove bets one by one in the reverse order they were placed. This will only happen when the GREEN or YELLOW light is lit (bets are open). Once bets are closed (RED light) you will not be able to cancel bets.


The Bonus bet is optional bet and cannot be placed alone. After a chip is placed on the Ante bet spot a flashing arrow will show you that the Bonus bet spot is activated. Place your Bonus bet in the same way as you place the Ante bet.
The Bonus bet is evaluated on the first hand of five cards only. If you have a pair of Aces or better combination and you decided to Call, you will win the Bonus bet and will be paid according to Bonus pay table.


You can repeat the bets placed in your last game by clicking on the Repeat button.
Once you have clicked Repeat, the button will change to Double, allowing you to double the bet from the previous game, provided sufficient funds are available. Simply click on the Double button to double the bet.
The Repeat and Double buttons work for both the Ante bet and the Bonus bet, if those were played in the previous game.


The BETTING LIMITS plate shows the minimum and the maximum stakes permitted.
If you place a bet that is lower than the minimum bet limit, you will see the tooltip message by the bet spot informing you of the minimum bet allowed. If your bet is lower than the allowed minimum bet, at the end of the betting time your bets are rejected.
If you try to place a bet that is higher than the maximum bet limit, you will see the tooltip message by the bet spot reminding you of the maximum bet limit and you will not be able to place the bet.


If you hover your mouse over the limit plate on the screen and you will see the Ante and Bonus bet pay tables.
Call bet payout is 1:1.
Remember that you must CALL to collect your Bonus bet winnings! If you FOLD, the Bonus bet is lost, even if you have a valid hand.


The individual cards are ranked in descending order: Ace (high or low), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.
An Ace can be the highest value card in a Straight of A, K, Q, J, 10 or the lowest value card in a Straight of 5, 4, 3, 2, A.
Possible hands from the highest payouts to the lowest:


Royal Flush is a straight flush involving the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 all in the same suit.


Straight Flush is a hand that contains five cards in sequence, all of the same suit, for example: Nine, Eight, Seven, Six and Five, all Hearts.


Four of a Kind is a hand that contains all four cards of one rank and any other card. For example, a four Aces in your hand would be Four of a Kind. Quads with higher ranking cards defeat lower ranking ones.


Full House is a hand that contains three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank, e.g. three Kings and two Sixes. Between two full houses, the one with the higher ranking three cards wins


Flush is a hand where all five cards are of the same suit, but not in a sequence, e.g. five cards that are all Clubs. Two flushes are compared as if they were high card hands; the highest ranking card of each is compared to determine the winner. If both hands have the same highest card, then the second-highest ranking card is compared, and so on until a difference is found.


Straight is a hand that contains five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits, e.g. Nine, Eight, Seven, Six and Five in two or more suits. Two straights are ranked by comparing the highest card of each. Two straights with the same high card are of equal value, as suits are not used to separate them.


Three of a Kind is a hand that contains three cards of the same rank, plus two cards which are not of this rank or the same as each other. For example, a player having three Kings in their hand would have Three of a Kind. Higher-valued Three of a Kind defeat lower-valued Three of a Kind. If two hands contain Three of a Kind of the same value, the Kickers are compared to break the tie.


Two Pairs is hand that contains two cards of the same rank, plus two cards of another rank (that match each other but not the first pair), plus any card not of either rank. An example of this would be having two Aces and two Kings. To rank two hands both containing Two Pairs, the higher ranking pair of each is first compared, and the higher pair wins. If both hands have the same top pair, then the second pair of each is compared. If both hands have the same two pairs, the Kicker determines the winner.


Pair is a hand that contains two cards of one rank (e.g. two Kings), plus three cards which are not of this rank or the same as each other. Pair is the lowest hand you can be paid out for. Higher ranking pairs defeat lower ranking pairs.  If two hands have the same pair, the Kickers are compared in descending order to determine the winner.


High Card is a high-card or no-pair hand is a poker hand made of any five cards not meeting any of the above requirements. Essentially, no hand is made, and the only thing of any meaning in the player's hand is their highest card.


The optimal theoretic percentage return to the player for the Ante bet is 97.84% and for the Bonus bet is 97.84%.


The CHAT button launches the Chat box so you can send messages to the dealer and other players.


The GAME NUMBER indicator will always be displayed on the bottom left of the games.
This shows the unique identifier for any game – the current GAME NUMBER (GMT TIME; HH:MM:SS). If you have any queries and wish to contact customer service, you should always note down (or take a screenshot of) the GAME NUMBER.


The HISTORY button on the bottom right of the screen will launch a window showing all the live games you have played and the results of those games.


The MUTE button on the bottom right of the screen will turn off all game sounds and voice from the game. Note if you change table then it will automatically un-mute.
The SETTINGS button launches a menu of changeable settings.
Within settings you can change game view from 3D VIEW to CLASSIC VIEW. By default you see the 3D VIEW of the game. You can also adjust video quality, as well as hide other players chat.
The FULL SCREEN button on the bottom right of the screen will launch the Full Screen Mode and the game and will fill the entire screen.
To exit full-screen mode, you can re-click the FULL SCREEN button or press ESC on your keyboard.
You can read chat messages from others while in full-screen mode, but you can send messages to others only if you have Adobe Flash Player 11.3 or a later version.


The CASHIER button (if applicable) on the bottom left of the screen will pop up the cashier/ banking screen for deposits and withdrawals.


The RESPONSIBLE GAMING button allows you to access the page outlining the Responsible Gaming policy. This page provides useful information and links about the correct behaviour for online gaming and guides you on how to set limitations to your game sessions.


Nella parte destra dello schermo (in visualizzazione orizzantale) o nella parte bassa (in visualizzazione verticale):
GIOCO mostra il nome del gioco.
ID DI SESSIONE mostra il valore identificativo della sessione di gioco rilasciato da AAMS.
ID DI PARTECIPAZIONE mostra il valore identificativo del biglietto di partecipazione al gioco rilasciato da AAMS.


If there is any error in the game, gambling system or game procedure, the game round will be temporarily paused while the dealer notifies the shift manager. Players will be notified via Chat, or by an on-screen pop-up message, to highlight that the issue is being investigated. If the manager can immediately resolve the error, the game round will continue as normal. If immediate resolution is not possible, the game round will be cancelled and initial bets will be refunded to all players who participated in the game round.


The LIVE GAMES MENU button can be selected at any time from any game.
It allows you to easily change table or select any other live game. You will not be removed from your table until you have actually selected the new table you wish to join, so the LIVE GAMES MENU can be used to browse other games whilst still playing at the current table.

MULTI-GAME PLAY (if available)

If you enjoy non-stop action, you can join up to 4 different game tables simultaneously and view them all in the same browser window!
After you have joined at least one game table, click on LIVE GAMES MENU to go to the lobby. In the lobby, hover your cursor over the table you would like to join and click the + button associated with that table to join it. (Certain tables may be unavailable for multi-game play and will therefore display no + button.)
After you have joined multiple tables, you will be able to resize your browser window as a whole, but you will not be able to resize each game table window separately.
You can exit any table without affecting your presence at other tables you have joined. To exit a table, click the X button that appears when you hover your cursor over the table window.
Please note:

  • The X button to exit a table is not accessible when the table is displayed in full-screen mode.
  • You will exit a table automatically if you should join the same table through a different device/browser.
  • If you click directly on a table icon instead of the + button, you will merely switch tables instead of joining the chosen table in addition to the table you joined previously.

We kindly advise you to join only as many tables as your screen can accommodate while still allowing you to place bets deliberately and accurately.


Last modification date: 7/20/2018