Pick 6 Bingo

Game Rules


  • The bet per 6 number ticket is fixed at 1.00.
  • The player may create up to 10 tickets per draw.
  • Each ticket must be banked to be included in the draw.
  • At least 1 ticket must be banked before the draw can begin.
  • All banked tickets can be reviewed, shuffled or deleted prior to the draw.
  • Tickets cannot be changed or removed once the draw has started.

Picking Numbers

  • Tickets are completed by picking numbers from the number grid.
  • If the current ticket is complete the player can:
  • Bank the ticket.
  • Continue selecting numbers. Each new number will replace the first number selected.
  • Increase the numbers available for the active ticket.
  • Press the shuffle button.

Random Selection

  • The numbers on each ticket can be randomised using the shuffle button.
  • The shuffle button will automatically complete an incomplete ticket.
  • The player may re-shuffle indefinitely prior to the draw (If the ticket is banked it is possible to re-shuffle the numbers via the review screen).


  • Up to 9 numbers can be added to each individual ticket.
  • The bet value per 7 number ticket is fixed at 7.00.
  • The bet value per 8 number ticket is fixed at 28.00.
  • The bet value per 9 number ticket is fixed at 84.00.
  • Multiple wins will be given for each matching number above the first 6 numbers.

The Draw

  • The play button will begin the draw immediately.
  • Once the draw has started, it cannot be stopped until the full game has played out.
  • No prize is displayed for the first 5 balls.
  • Any matching numbers are highlighted in yellow.
  • The 6th ball is the first prize ball drawn.
  • Any wins will be highlighted on the grid when the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th number is marked on any ticket in play.
  • The prize will be reduced for every ball drawn in accordance with the prize table.
  • The draw will only continue whilst tickets remain in play.
  • Up to 36 balls will be drawn.
  • Any ticket that fails to match 6 numbers is deemed to be a losing ticket.


  • Between 1 and 3 multipliers of up to x10k are added to random positions on the draw grid before the first number is drawn.
  • If a winning number is drawn on a position that contains a multiplier, the standard win is multiplied by that amount.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

This game has a theoretical return to player of 92.00%.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

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