Fly Piggy Fly

1. Introduction

Fly, Piggy, Fly is a scratchcard-like instant-win game, in which players activate up to 20 TV-sets and 5 clouds underneath which are Flying Piggies. Behind each TV and each Cloud is a number. If a TV-number and a Piggy-Number match, the player is awarded the prize inside the TV-Set. Up to 5 Numbers can be matched. The numbers revealed inside the TV are always unique.

Additionally to the core game, the game features 2 Bonus Games: Hammer Time and Pignapping. These Bonus Games are activated when the player finds 3 corresponding symbols of the same type (either a Hammer for Hammer Time or a UFO for Pignapping) on the TV screens.



2. How to play

After the animated loading-screen, the player has to click on Play to enter the main game. On the bottom-bar the player has various options:

2.1. Set your stake

The player can set the stake per TV-set. The available stakes are: £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.25, £0.50, £1, £2, £3, £5, £10. Default stake is £0.05. The total bet amount is displayed on the bottom bar. Playing with a higher stake will increase the potential max win.

2.2. TV-Sets (Paylines)

The player can select how many Paylines they want to play. Each Payline represents 5 TV-Sets. The options are: 5, 10, 15 or 20 TV-sets.

2.3. Autoplay

The player has the choice to enable autoplay and select how many rounds should be played automatically. The choices are 10, 15, 20 and “No Autoplay”. The player has the option to stop the autoplay when they click on stop.

Before starting the autoplay a pop-up message appears to confirm the number of autoplay chosen and loss limit details by clicking on confirm button. Loss limit is calculated by Selected Stake * numbers of Auto-Games chosen.

2.4. Turbo-Mode

The player can activate Turbo-Mode to speed up the animations and automatically reveals TV-sets and Piggies underneath Clouds.

2.5. Sound

The player has the option to turn the sound on and off.

3. To play

3.1. The Core Game

Once the game is set up, the player can click on Play to start the game round. The TV-sets and Flying Piggies are revealed automatically.

If a TV-number and Piggie-Number match, the player is rewarded the price as displayed inside the TV-set. Up to 5 Numbers can be matched.




3.2. Bonus Games

Additionally to the core game, Fly, Piggy, Fly offers 2 bonus games: Hammer Time and Pignapping.

To activate one of the Bonus Games, the players has to find 3 corresponding symbols of the same kind on the TV sets - either 3 red hammers to activate the bonus game Hammer Time or 3 blue UFOs to activate the bonus game Pignapping. The symbols are randomly placed inside the TV-sets.

It is possible to enter both bonus games in a single game round. The bonus games then start after each other - first Hammer Time then Pignapping.

Note: if the bonus games is interrupted during gameplay, it will be completed in the backend and all winnings credited to the balance.

3.2.1. Hammer Time

In the Hammer Time - bonus game the player has to smash 7 piggybanks out of 14 possible options. Alternatively, the player can select Auto Select and have 7 piggybanks smashed randomly. In every piggybank is a prize, depending on the stake. Once all 7 piggybanks have been smashed, the player is awarded the cumulative prize.

3.2.2. Pignapping

In the Pignapping - bonus game the player spins 12 piggy banks and Flying Piggies around a UFO tractor beam. Once the spin stops, the Piggy Bank or Flying Piggy inside the tractor beam will be pulled up and the prize inside is awarded to the player. The player can spin as long as a Flying Piggy is selected.

The prize awarded to the player is split into single values. The player can spin until all single values have been awarded. Please note: This is purely for the visual enjoyment of the player. The player is awarded the full amount of their winning regardless of the spins the player actually makes, meaning: in case of a disconnect, there will be no disadvantage for the player.

Also in player logs, the information about the single value will not be logged. Only the total wins will be available.

4. Payouts and RTP

Fly, Piggy, Fly is a chance-based game. By default, the prize awarded is calculated by mulitplier * stake.

The win consists of the winning of the main game as well as the 2 bonus games.

The total RTP of the game is 92.7%.

The payout table is dependent only on the stake per TV for any game played and does not depend on the number of TV-Sets (Paylines) selected. All following values are based on a stake for TV of £0.01:

Main Game












Bonus Games:





5. Session Reminder

The game offers a session reminder option, it can be accessible via the Menu button. By default it is set to “OFF". The available time intervals are 30 and 1 hour and 2 hours. During game play if the session reminder time reach then the reminder pop-up will appear only after completing the current game(i.e at the end of the current game).

6. Gaming system malfunction

The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the Gaming System itself malfunctions. The definition of such a malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or pay tables, or a game not working in accordance with its published rules.

7. Disconnections and Game Errors

Each game connects to a Bet Processing Infrastructure (BPI) that has been designed to quickly process bets. After receiving a bet request from a game client, the BPI generates a random result and returns this to the player’s game client.

Whilst playing a game, if there is a disconnection to the BPI that is caused by a page refresh,  the player’s machine or their internet connection then the game will be completed in the backend and: The result of the last bet or action from the player will stand, even if the player was not able to see this result.

When the player’s client or internet connection resumes normal operation:

The account balance of the player will be updated based on the result of the last bet processed by the BPI.

The game-state is saved for 30 days in which the player can pick up from where they left. If the player logs in after 30 days, the previous game session is settled for the unplayed game and the player is paid out before they can start a new game.

In the event of a disconnection or outage caused by the BPI itself:

The result of a bet request will only stand if the bet was received and completely processed by the BPI. If the BPI was not able to process the bet completely then the bet amount is returned to the player’s balance. This happens automatically, shortly after the BPI resumes normal operation.

Other information: The results of every bet and game round processed by the BPI is saved in a game log accessible by the player under "My Account" or similar page provided by the platform operator.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000


Last modification date: 6/19/2020