Deutsches Trivia Show

Live Trivia

  • Live Trivia is a game show with a prize pool, a real-life host and a challenge consisting of several increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions. The order and contents of the questions are the same for all players, everyone has the same amount of time to choose their answer, and wrong answer results in immediate elimination from game. Eliminated players can continue to observe the game.

Game flow

  • The game is free of charge and doesn’t require you to have any funds on your account.
  • To participate, give a correct answer to the first question and remain present for the entire game duration.
  • Once the first question has been resolved, new players can join the game only as watchers.
  • Each game round displays a question with three answer alternatives. Timer in the game window indicates how much time you have left to answer.
  • Correct answer takes you to the next round; wrong answer, or failure to answer within the time limit, results in elimination. Eliminated players can continue to observe the game.
  • Players who answered all questions correctly, split the prize evenly.

Prize and distribution, payments and conversion

  • Each game features a prize amount which is distributed evenly between all the players who answered all the questions correctly.
  • The prize may consist of a Real Money cash prize, bonus Casino money, Casino bonus (e.g. free spins) or Golden Chips. The type of the prize is communicated to players prior to game start. You’ll be notified in case you win, and your share of the prize is sent to your account. The time for processing and transferring the prize amount depends on the game provider.
  • Cash prizes appear in the currency chosen by game provider. Winnings are paid to your account in the currency displayed in your account and according to the exchange rates applicable on the day of payment. If the cash prize cannot be divided equally between winners, the win amount is rounded up to ensure equal distribution.


  • Chat is available for all the players present at the table, irrespective of the fact whether they have been eliminated, are in watching mode or still playing. Contents of the chat is visible also to the host.


  • The answers and questions as well as the sequence in which they appear are provided by an independent third-party supplier. The game provider does not bear any responsibility, and shall not be liable, for the outcome of the game because of incorrect answers supplied by the third party.
  • The game provider bears no responsibility for any exchange rates or conversion rates, or for any wins\losses as a result of prize won by the players. The winners are liable to settle any relevant taxes, if applicable, to legally claim their prize.
  • In case of any technical problems that may affect the regular game flow, the game may be postponed or cancelled. Technical problems in the middle of the series of questions do not void the game unless stated otherwise during the game. In case of canceled game rounds, no payments are made. The prize amount of a canceled game round is carried over to the next game round.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 7/1/2020