Big Banker Fun Drops


  • Pressing play begins the initial drop. Symbols will drop into the 5x5 game grid. Once the drop has completed, any wins in view are awarded to the player.
  • Wins are awarded for combinations of 5 or more matching symbols which are adjacent to each other in a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • A single winning combination may contain matching symbols which are adjacent to each other in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • When a winning combination is processed, the symbols forming the win explode and are removed from view.
  • Once all winning combinations in the game grid have been removed from view, any remaining symbols move downwards to fill any space below and new symbols drop from the top of the game grid to fill any gaps.
  • Any winning combinations in view after the new symbols have landed are then processed before exploding and being removed from view.
  • Any remaining symbols then drop down to fill any space below and new symbols drop in from the top of the game grid to fill any gaps.
  • This sequence continues until no further winning combinations are in view.
  • The game ends when there are no further winning combinations in the game grid.
  • Wins are paid according to the pay table for each symbols type and the number of symbols in the combination.

Big Banker Trail

  • The trail is shown to the left hand side of the screen.
  • Any drops after the initial drop in the current game will light an indicator on the trail.
  • The trail is completed when all sections of the trail are illuminated.
  • Once the trail is completed the Big Banker feature is activated.

Big Banker Feature

  • The player is awarded 3 options to bank and 10 seconds to use them.
  • The feature starts when the player touches the Start button.
  • The feature will then dapple randomly on all of the values displayed.
  • The dapple will last between 1.02 and 2.03 seconds and take on average 1.52 seconds to complete.
  • When the dapple stops, the clock stops counting down.
  • The highlighted selection is then presented to the player.
  • If a cash value is presented, the player must choose to "reject" it or add it to the feature total by pressing "bank".
  • If the player presses "bank", the number of banks is reduced by one and the cash value is added to the feature bank.
  • If the dapple stops on "extra time", a random amount between 3 and 10 seconds is added to the clock.
  • If the dapple stops on "extra bank", the player is awarded 1 additional option to bank within the time limit.
  • If the player has "bank" options remaining when the clock reaches zero and a cash value has been selected, the feature automatically adds the amount to the feature bank and any remaining banks are forfeited.
  • When the player rejects or banks a cash value it is removed from all subsequent dapples.
  • The feature ends when either the clock reaches zero or the number of remaining banks is zero.
  • Any amount accumulated in the feature bank is then awarded to the player.
  • If no cash values are left for selection, all remaining extra bank and extra time selections are replaced with cash values.
  • It is not always possible to use extra banks awarded, before the timer expires.
  • Extra banks will not be awarded if there are 2 seconds or less on the timer.

Auto Play

  • Select your number of games and a loss limit to enable the start autoplay button.
  • You can select the generated loss limit or enter a custom value.
  • Autoplay will stop if the number of games is completed or the loss limit is reached.
  • Your loss limit is reached when your net losses are equal to the value selected or a further spin would increase net losses higher than set loss limit.
  • Additionally you may enter a win limit that stops autoplay when a single game win is equal to or exceeds the value.
  • Autoplay will stop if the jackpot of £250,000is reached.


  • Best Strategy is to collect any offer in the Big Banker Feature when the value is equal to or above the current stake x 7.5.
  • Expected payback to the player is playing the best strategy is at least 95%.
  • Expected payback to the player is playing a random strategy is at least 82%.
  • Malfunction voids game.
  • Not all stakes may be available.
  • No prize greater than £250,000 can be won in any one game.
  • The outcome of any game or feature is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed.
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