Rush Lotto


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Start the Game:

Rush Lotto is your own personal and on-demand numbers game, allowing you to place bets on a selection of different numbers that are drawn from a tombola in real time.  The first 6 balls from the draw pays the Jackpot prize.  A 7th or Bonus Ball is drawn and contributes to some of the prizes (please see the paytable in game).

How to Play:

Choose your balls (selecting from 1 to 6), place your chip(s) in the number container and then press the Place Bet button.

You can select the numbers that you would like or use the lucky dip button for a random selection of numbers to be made for you.

You can make more than 1 selection of numbers per draw.

Bets can be increased and deleted from the ‘My Bets’ page at any point before the draw.

By clicking on the ‘heart’ icon next to the numbers you can add and remove a selection of numbers from your ‘favourites’.

Special bets are available in the Specials menu.

Once you have selected your lines, press ‘Go!’ to start the draw.

You will be presented with a live 3D draw with a close-up readout of the balls that are drawn from the machine.  The balls will populate in accordance with the order that they have been drawn.

If you would like to increase the speed of the draw you can use the ‘Speed Up’ button to toggle the playback speed.

If you would like to skip straight to the end of the draw then you can use the ‘View Results’ button.

After the Draw

After a draw has completed you have two options:

Re-bet and Go:

This option allows you to instantly re-bet the same numbers and stakes again.

New Game:

If you would like to start a whole new selection of numbers and stakes, then you can use this option.

In Game Settings:

Sound: Can be disabled in game

Pay Table:  View the pay table that shows the payout at stages of the draw

Help: Access Information and Help pages

Exit Game: Returns to Game Lobby

Game Recovery:

Due to the nature of the communications medium for the game, the player may experience interruptions, delays or termination to the game play cycle.

In the event of an unexpected interruption/termination of a real play game, the game will recover to the last known state.

If for example, the game was started but not fully completed due to closure of the browser or connectivity problems, this will not affect the final result of the game after the game has recovered, and any winnings will be correctly paid to your account balance, and will be exactly according to the winning or losing result produced prior to the game being prematurely terminated.

This game has been independently fairness tested by NMi, a leader in Testing and Auditing with over 40 years of experience serving the gambling sector as an ISO17025 accredited testing facility. 


The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 6/4/2020