Caribbean Stud Poker - High limits

Game Theme and Graphics

Caribbean Stud joins the new breed of Professional Series table games from Net Entertainment. These games offer players a world class experience and take casinos to the forefront of online casino table gaming. The Poker table has all the elements of a traditional table— dealer’s chip tray, card shoe and discard card holder, money paddle, table cloth (layout, payout information, and betting areas), and table bet limits. The three dimensional table perspective, state of the art card and chip animations, realistic sound effects and background music give Net Entertainment professional series games a leading edge. Colour coded game buttons, located in front of the player, and table highlights guide play. The game buttons dynamically update in relation to the stage in the game. The game panel displays the fast buttons, account information and chip selection areas. Buttons for the game settings menu, audio and game rules are located to the left of the game panel. The account information section displays the available cash, bet, and win. The right side of the game panel holds the chips available for betting.

Main Game

Players bet on the quality of their five-card poker hand. The payout is determined by the ranking of the player's hand and the payout schedule. To play the game and qualify for a payout a player must place an Ante bet by clicking in the Ante circle. The player and the dealer each get five cards. (Five face up to the player and one exposed and four face down to the dealer.) The player reviews their hand and decides whether or not to call. If they player folds, they surrender the Ante bet and jackpot bet (if placed). After the player calls, the dealer turns over the remaining four cards and there is a showdown. The game displays the rank of the poker hand and the amount the player has won. The dealer qualifies with Ace + King. If the player has a winning hand they are paid according to the payout table and the winning chip stack is placed on the table. If the player loses, the text 'No win' is displayed and the chips are removed from the table.


The Jackpot or bonus bet is a bet on the quality of the poker hand, independent of the dealer’s hand. Players win on combinations of three of a kind or better, and are paid out based on the Jackpot Bonus column in the paytable. The current Jackpot amount is displayed above the Jackpot bet circle. Players can place a Jackpot bet by clicking in the Jackpot circle. To be eligible to win on the jackpot bet players must place both an Ante and Call bet.

Betting Limits and Paytable Display

The bet limit sign at the top left of the table displays the minimum and maximum amount for the Ante bet. The bet limits shown on this sign varies depending on the version of Caribbean Stud Professional Series (normal, high roller, low roller). Players can view the normal and jackpot payout by moving the mouse over the MIN/MAX sign at the top left of the table. When the player moves the mouse away from the paytable, the paytable hides and play can resume.

Dernière actualisation: 26/01/2019