Inca Jackpot

How to Play

Play mode and balance

You can play the game in either FUN or REAL mode.

In fun mode, you are playing just for the fun of the score. In real mode, you are playing with money from your real money balance.

Your balance is shown in the BALANCE box both in fun and real mode.

Placing Bets

Your wins per game round are the payouts of winning combinations multiplied by the BET amount.

To set the bet amount, use the arrow buttons on the BET panel.

Autoplay Mode

To set the number of autospins, use the arrow buttons on the AUTO PLAY panel.

You can end the autospins session earlier by clicking the STOP button.


A Progressive Jackpot can be triggered during the main game round by 8 or more adjacent Panda symbols landing on reels. Matching 8 or more adjacent Panda symbols will win a percentage of the Jackpot depending on the amount bet.

If the Jackpot win occurs together with other wins or new wins are created by new symbols falling down on reels, the game will accumulate and award all wins. The Jackpot cannot be retriggered.

Seed (how much money the jackpots start out with)

EUR 2,500

Contribution rate (what percentage of each bet goes to the Progressive pot and to the seed)


Win conditions

Matching 8 or more adjacent Pandas landing on reels during the main game round win a percentage of the Jackpot depending on the amount bet:

EUR 0.5bet pays 10% of the jackpot

EUR 1bet pays 20% of the jackpot

EUR 2.5bet pays 50% of the jackpot

EUR 5bet or more pays 100% of the jackpot

After a progressive jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to accumulate again.

If a Player triggers a Jackpot immediately after another Player has triggered the same Jackpot, the Player who triggered it first will win the Jackpot, and the other Player will see the amount plus any contributions made since the Jackpot was reset.

Imperfections in the internet connectivity may cause you to experience delays in Jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual Jackpot wins.

If the Jackpot is being discontinued (the game is closed and removed from the Casino), you will be notified about it by the Casino.



Wins are multiplied by the BET amount.

The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section.

Disconnection Policy

Note on disconnection

If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of the game, log in again into the casino. Once you re-open the game you can continue playing from the point where it was disconnected.

Note on malfunctions

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

RTP (return to player): 96.00%


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