Rush Cricket Live

Game Introduction

Rush Cricket Live is your own personal, on demand virtual cricket 
“Super Over” international match, allowing you to place bets pre match, and bet in play during each game.

You can choose from 8 international cricket teams to play a game consisting of 1 over each and make the decision as to who bats first.

How to Play

Select 2 teams from the 8 available to play against each other. The team you select from the upper row will be the team which bats first. Selecting “Lucky Dip” will populate two teams for you.

Once you have selected your teams, select “Let’s Play!” to access the betting markets.

Each team will have different attributes in terms of their abilities for batting and fielding. This will have a bearing on the odds offered on each team and opponent.

Available Markets to Bet On

Pre Match

Match Betting

Total Runs off Next Delivery

Runs off Next Delivery – Under/Over 2.5

Wicket Next Delivery

Method of Next Match Dismissal

Total 1st Innings Score
- Under/Over 12.5
- Under/Over 14.5
- Under/Over 16.5

Total 4’s in 1st Innings

Total 6’s in 1st Innings

You can also bet on a number of “in-play” markets between every delivery:

In Play Markets

Match Betting

Total 4’s in 1st Innings

Total 6’s in 1st Innings

Total Runs off Next Delivery

Runs off Next Delivery – Under/Over 2.5

Wicket Next Delivery

Method of Next Match Dismissal

Watch the Overs

You can watch the action ball by ball, skip each ball clip, or skip straight to the end to see the results of the match.

Get the Results

You will be presented with your winnings after each shot and given the opportunity to review them before placing additional bets.

When you have won during the game, the bets which you have placed, and how much you’ve won in total, will be laid out for you to review.

You then have the option of picking a **new game**, or challenging the current two teams to an instant **rematch**!

Bets and Payouts

Upon winning any bet the winnings will be automatically shown in the winnings meter. These winnings will be credited to your account at the end of the match.

*Due to the effect of rounding in certain circumstances, all bets are settled to the smallest denomination of the currency in use.

The minimum stake is 10p per bet.

The maximum stake is £250 per bet.

The maximum payout per bet is £50,000.

The maximum payout in any single match is £250,000.

For the avoidance of doubt, all bets are settled at fractional prices.

The maximum number of bets allowed in any single match is 100.

Note: Video clips do not provide a guide to the probability of the outcome of any bets placed, they are merely visual representation of the outcome. The prices are not intended to reflect any expectation of events in an actual cricket match.

Return to Player

| Market | RTP |
| Match Betting Markets | At Least 92% |
| Total 1st Innings Score (Under/Over) | At Least 93% |
| Total 4’s in 1st Innings | At Least 91% |
| Total 6’s in 1st Innings | At Least 91 % |
| Total Runs off Next Delivery | At Least 85% |
| Runs off Next Delivery (Under/Over) | At Least 94% |
| Wicket Next Delivery | At Least 92% |
| Method of Next Dismissal | At Least 88% | 

Note: Due to the rounding up and down of figures in order to offer commonly used betting odds to the betting public, this RTP value may vary.

 Bet History

Bet History for completed games can be viewed via the Menu. For active bets, please see the "Placed Bets" option under the scoreboard.

Game Recovery

In the event of an unexpected interruption/termination of the game, it will be recovered to the last known state. If, for example, you have to take a call or lose internet connectivity, the game will resume from the state where you left it with all your bets intact.

**Please note**: Until the match is ended, your winnings will not be credited to your account. To end a game early, use the exit option from the menu.

Game History

You can review your game history at any point from the menu. Games which have been completed will be shown to you in a list. Select one, to be presented with an overview of the time the game finished and all of the bets which you placed.

Currency Symbols

For the avoidance of doubt, the following symbols are used to represent currencies in the game:



Argentine Peso


Australian Dollar


Bulgarian Lev


Brazilian Real


Canadian Dollar


Swiss Franc


Chinese Yuan Renminbi


Czech Koruna

Danish Krone



British Pound


Hong Kong Dollar


Hungarian Forint


Indian Rupee

Icelandic Krona


Japanese Yen


Mexican Peso


Malaysian Ringgit


New Zealand Dollar


Norwegian Krone


Polish Zloty

Romanian New Leu


Swedish Krona


Singapore Dollar


Thai Baht


Taiwan New Dollar


US Dollar


South African Rand


General Information

This game has been independently fairness tested by NMi, a leader in Testing and Auditing with over 40 years of experience serving the gambling sector as an ISO17025 accredited testing facility.

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