Auto & Notify Cash Out

What is ‘Auto Cash Out’?

Ever missed a Cash Out opportunity because you were too busy? Auto Cash Out can make that a thing of the past, allowing you to set the Cash Out value up front. If the Cash Out value of your bet meets or exceeds that value, Cash Out will complete automatically and the funds will be there waiting for you when you next have time to bet.

What is ‘Notify Cash Out’?

Want to stay in control of when you Cash Out but don’t want to have to watch the Cash Out value for an entire event? Notify Cash Out is for you, allowing you to set a Cash Out value which if met or exceeded, a notification will be sent to let you know. You can then view your bet and decide whether you want to Cash Out or not based on what is happening in the events you have bet on. This feature is available on the sports app only.

When are ‘Auto Cash Out’ and ‘Notify Cash Out’ available?

Auto Cash Out is available for any market in which Cash Out is enabled. Notify Cash Out is available for any market in which Cash Out is enabled when the sports app is being used.

Please see Cash Out help & T&Cs for more information on the Cash Out feature.

How do I use ‘Auto Cash Out’ & ‘Notify Cash Out’?

Using Auto Cash Out is simple! You can set an Auto Cash Out value by simply clicking on the Cash Out Settings icon next to the Cash Out button on your bet. You can then enter the value you want to Cash Out at using the displayed keypad. Once you are happy with the value, simply select ‘Set Auto Cash Out’ and your Auto Cash Out value will be set. Once set the Cash Out settings icon will show a green indicator to show that there is a live Auto Cash Out set. To review the value that has been set, select the Cash Out Settings icon and the current value will be displayed.

Notify Cash Out works in exactly the same way - when selecting the Cash Out options button, select the Notify tab and there you can set your notification value. When that value is hit you will receive a notification to your device.

Now if your Cash Out value reaches or exceeds that value, you can sit back and relax knowing we will Cash Out your bet automatically or notify you, dependent on what you have set - you’re in control!

Can I change or remove ‘Auto Cash Out’ & ‘Notify Cash Out’ after I have set a value?

Yes - simply select the Cash Out Settings icon, the tab of the setting you want to remove and select the ‘Remove Auto Cash Out’ button or ‘Remove Cash Out Notification’ button. If you want to change the values, simply remove the current value, input a new value using the keypad and save.

Will I be notified if my bet is subject to an Auto Cash Out?

Push notifications will be sent for customers who have the sports app installed on their device and when notifications have been enabled for the app.

How many times will I be notified if I have set a Notify Cash Out value?

If you have used the Notify Cash Out value feature you will be notified once and once only after the value has been hit. When the value has been hit once and the notification has been sent, the Notify Cash Out value will be removed and a new one will need to be set for future notifications.